Juxtapoz Magazine

Evan Pricco is the Editor-In-Chief and Web Editor of leading international contemporary art magazine, Juxtapoz. He is the author of Juxtapoz' continuing book series, including titles on Poster Art, Illustration, Handmade Art, and Contemporary Painting.

“I’m looking for a straight up painter.  An artist who knows how to paint very well - someone like Robert Williams.”



Tara McPherson has been exhibited around the world and featured in numerous magazines and publications such as The New York Times. McPherson has created comic art, covers, advertising and editorial illustrations for Warner Brothers, HarperCollins and NIKE among others.

"You’re on the right track if your art has the ability to stop someone in their tracks and demand their full attention. I love finding a stunning work of art, something that stands out from the rest. Art is so diverse in technique and medium, so it’s not necessarily about that, but one thing that will make an artist’s work stand out is being true to your personal visual vocabulary with an intuitive and individual approach."


Urban Nation

Yasha Young is the director and curator of the worlds first urban art museum, URBAN NATION. She created the internationally reputed Project M/ and OneWall series’. Young is a former gallery owner, curator and producer, and is deeply involved in the international urban arts sphere.

"I take quite a bit of time when looking at submissions. Things that interest me are, for example, what is the person's background?  How do they present themselves within the guidelines of the submission, etc. For me, it is not necessarily about looking for the next 'big' thing, but rather for new developments that will further the next generation of artists or change directions of what we consider contemporary art."



Jeff Soto is a painter, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. His distinct color palette, subject matter and technique have been said to bridge the gap between Pop Surrealism and Street Art.

"Great art speaks to me on different levels. First it should be beautiful to look at. I want colors and compositions that sing to me! Second, I like to see the artist’s hand- are they skilled at their craft? Can they create with confidence and flex their skills a bit? Third, I want to see evidence of intriguing subject matter. The work should be interesting to look at... but also take a stance. Eye candy art can be fun but I crave a little more. Lastly, I want to see something new and unexpected. Surprise me, excite me!"


Brooklyn Street Art

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo are the founders of the influential street art blog Brooklyn Street Art. Steve is the Editor-in-Chief and Jaime is Editor of Photography. BSA has been in operation since 2008.

Steven P. Harrington
"I’m looking for evidence that you didn’t lose touch with your childlike wonder, you didn’t lose your key to the kingdom. I’m looking for a singular voice that perseveres past the noise. To achieve balance in the art world, you should be a little crazy."

Jaime Rojo
"Composition is paramount when looking at an artwork. Balance and fluidity are important factors as well. Craftsmanship is very important. Even if I personally don’t favor a particular artwork I will always consider recommending it to a potential client based how well it is executed. "


Jonathan LeVine Projects

Jonathan LeVine is the owner of Jonathan LeVine Projects and has been cultivating new and long-standing relationships with artists and collectors through exhibitions and special programs that go beyond the white cube gallery model since 1994.

"I believe art is as technical as it is emotional. There are three primary traits I look for in all artists: originality, craftsmanship, and consistency in vision and style that runs through all of the artist's work. When an artist possess these three characteristics, their art will resonate with me in such a way that I feel it in my gut."