Functional tattoos are used primarily for a purpose other than aesthetics. One such use is to tattoo Alzheimer patients with their name, so they may be easily identified if they go missing.

How to choose a tattoo?


Avoid making any rash decisions.

If you’re getting a tattoo because you’re drunk or high, rebellious or your friends are goading you, then you’re getting a tattoo for all the wrong reasons and the choice you make is likely to reflect this lack of forethought.


Consider where you want the tattoo.

This will have some influence on the design, especially if it’s an intimate design. For any parts of your body that you show regularly (and that is a lot of body if you’re a bikini or board shorts wearer), then that doesn’t leave much space for intimate tattoos that you don’t want your grandmother seeing.


Spend some time refining the design and choosing one that has meaning for you.

Do some research first. Head over to the library or a reputable tattoo parlor and look through tattoo design book


Try a rehearsal run of the tattoo.

Use henna to get a temporary version of the design. You won’t be able to see different colors, or certain looks, but you will be able to judge the feeling of a tattoo. Henna lasts a week to a month.


Think before you ink.

Think about it a lot. When you are certain, wait some more just to make sure. Ultimately, a well chosen tattoo design can be a thing of beauty and a confidence enhancement. A poorly chosen one done on a whim can leave you unhappy for all time.



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$150 - $200 Per hour
  • Traditional
  • Japanese
  • Realism
  • Watercolour
  • New School
  • Neo Traditional

Black & Grey

$120 - $150 Per hour
  • Tribal
  • Dotwork
  • Geometric
  • Script
  • Realism
  • Neo Traditional


$300 Start price
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Portrait

"I loved being a part of the Delusional Art Competition and becoming a member of the JLP family. Jonathan LeVine Projects is a prominent, trend setting contemporary gallery with a great history and unconventional international aesthetic. As a gallerist, Jonathan has a wealth of expertise and a great eye for the unusual, working collaboratively to promote artists and their work. I feel very lucky to have discovered this opportunity and look forward to my summer 2018 solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Projects!"

Ronald Gonzalez ( 3rd Place Winner )

"It was completely by chance that I happened to see a video on Instagram and wondered what a chap in a hat was doing holding up a card saying 'open call'. I knew of JLP so decided to give it a shot and submit my work. I never expected to even get shortlisted for the Delusional competition, let alone get a 2nd place award. Suffice to say, I was somewhat stunned (and delighted). Since that first exhibition, I've received nothing but support, advice and encouragement from Jonathan. His team have been terrific too. They've exhibited (and sold) my work at Art Basel Miami and at the LA Art Show. These experiences along with the feedback Jonathan has provided has moved my work in new directions. Huge thank you to JLP, it's great being a member of the family."

Julia Ibbini ( 2017 2nd Place Winner )

I had a pleasant experience with JLP. Communication has been clear and prompt and everything went smoothly, a professional team.

Masha Gusova ( 2017 Delusional Finalist )

I am super excited about being part of Delusional. This was the first time I ever applied to an art competition and it led to my work being exhibited and selling at The Juxtapoz Clubhouse during Art Basel Miami! How cool is that?!

Radoslaw Liwen ( Delusional Finalist )

I was pleasantly surprised to be chosen as one of 42 finalists in the first Delusional competition. The gallery was great to work with in helping me get my three paintings there for the group show and making everything clear in their contract. I was absolutely shocked that they would select me, a 21-year-old Canadian from near Toronto, as First Place Winner. This proved that the competition was a level playing field, and it was anyone’s game. Since then, Jonathan has provided helpful mentorship through email and Skype calls toward my first solo exhibition in the U.S. scheduled for Fall 2019.

Josh Tiessen ( 2017 Delusional 1st Place Winner )