"Heads" by 2017 Delusional Third-Place Winner, Ronald Gonzalez, bas been featured on Hi-Fructose and Booooooom!

Ronald Gonzalez is a contemporary figurative artist based in upstate New York. Since the mid-seventies he’s worked from his garage studio creating elegiac sculptures and installations that are embodiments of death and loss infused with grotesque narrative and pathos. Gonzalez works primarily in a series with steel armatures and macabre collections of time worn objects, and detritus from his surroundings. The work is then further eroded with metal filings, burned wax, glue, wire, and black soot creating a dramatic tonal range that both obscures and reveals anthropomorphic heads, torsos and figures that appear as charred fetishistic mementos possessing a visceral quality imbued with a sense of primal energy and distress that permeates his work. In 2017, he was named the third place winner of Delusional: Jonathan LeVine’s Search for the Next Great Artist.

To view more work by Gonzalez, visit his website or Instagram!